Monday, August 23, 2010

Three new ones and fixing some ponies

Sorry for the delay of this post. I have done so much other stuff that I have completely neglect this blog.. But anyway, new post time!

At first those two ponies which I got from Englant two weeks ago. Sundance and Peachy.
Both of the ponies arrived in great condition I just removed some surface dirt of them, though there even wasn't much of it.

And after one week, I got another nice surprise from England. :)
 Tex! He was covered with pindot mold, but I got most of them off with hot water, soap and steel wool. Otherwise he's in very great condition. Sadly I didn't remember to take before-photo of him.

So those were my newest ponies and next some ponies which my friend gave me for cleanup.
Heart Throb was completely covered with dirt and pindot mold and her another eye was quite badly worn. Her symbol was also worn, there weren't much glitter left anymore. Tail was complete mess, there were old rubber band stuck and hair was tangled. At first I gave her a good wash and let her dry. During that time I used iron to her tail and mane. When she was completely dry, I fixed the eye paint with acryls and symbols with silver gelpen. Sorry again, there's no before pics, I always forgot to take those. :D

Hula Hula was pretty good condition, so I just gave her a wash and made sure that she doesn't have any tailrust. Only flaw is that she has some standing problems, which can be seen on that photo. :/

Lastly there's still Lemon Drop and Baby Stella waiting for the clean up.
Lemon Drop is pretty dirty, but otherwise she seems to be okay. So good wash will probably do the trick here.

Baby Stella is a little bit trickier job. Another eye is badly worn and her symbols are also quite bad condition. Hair needs also some fixing. I won't probably try to fix her symbols, but I'll try to fix her eye.

Pfffffth, sorry for the quite lame texts and stuff, I just want to get this journal updated at last.. :D
But hey, I have one question! Do you notice any difference in these photos when you compare them to older ones? ;D My sister got systems camera and I had to test it!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More some art

More recently done Pony Art, continuing the "ponies which I have"-series with 4-Speed and couple random drawings.

Little Cotton Candy drawing. I had to draw Mom and Baby Cotton Candy since it's such a cute pony! :3

And lastly one Seapony, Wave Jumper. I felt like painting some ponies, but I had no particular pony in my mind so I just randomly picked this one.

I got two new ponies today from England, Sundance and Peachy! Snowflake is also cleaned already, pics of these three are coming soon.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Snowflake and one G2-pony

My snowflake arrived today! She's in decent condition now, but good enough for me. Besides most flaws are just some smudges on her body and a little bit dry hair, but those things aren't hard to fix.

I love that almost hot-pink body combined with white hair! Symbols are a little bit rubbed, mostly from non-display side.

Biggest smudge is shown here.

I said at last post, that I'll try to find some of my childhood ponies but actually I found only one G2-pony and lots of fake-ponies. And some other horse toys etc. but not even one MLP. And I'm sure that they're somewhere but I have no idea where exactly. :D

 I think that this is 2nd version of Cupcake? Mechanism doesn't work and it has changed yellow during the time? Eyes, hair and symbols though are in good condition. I don't yet know will I keep this or what I'll do whit this since I don't actually collect G2-ponies. Whatever I'll do, I will clean her up.

Eyes are in good condition and both diamonds are in their places.

And here's first four ponies ready and all cleaned. :)

I also did yesterday some pony-art, haha! :D I decided to give myself a little challenge, I'll draw every pony which I have now and I'll also try to draw all ponies which I get in the future, too. It's not very challenging yet, since I only have five ponies now but it's still fun! :)
 I decided to start with Lemon Drop, since she was my fave pony when I was a child. :D

And Pony Pride. Those grey-looking dots and lines on her hair are actually made with silver gelpen, but naturally it doesn't look like it when scanned.

These was fun to draw, not very detailed though, but fun!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

After wash

Now I have cleaned all of those four ponies which I got at yesterday. Some of them still got some stains and other marks which are so stuck that I didn't got them off yet. I haven't glued ponies heads on the places yet and maybe later I'll try other methods to get rid of those stains. But in this point they are good for my collection.

Pony Pride is getting some curls into her hair.

Lemon Drop with head and tail on the place. I don't curl her tail, I like it the way it is.

I was afraid to clean this mark wholly since it is over the symbol. It was bigger, but the part which was on the skin color did came off with nail polish remover. I'm not sure what I'll do with this, but maybe later if I got some good paints, I'll paint over it and at the same time repair some biggest detritions of the symbol.

4-Speed is waiting for drying. Some metal part of the tail were a little rusty, so I'll replace them. Tail is looking better already, not so dry anymore. It got conditioner treatment. I also boiled him just in case because he has some brown dots..

These marks didn't get off either. I'll probably try some other cleaning methods on those later.

And last, my Sugarberry. Her hairs got also condition treatment and they're already looking better. :) I'll re-curl both of her hair.

I will visit at my childhood home at next monday with my family and see is there any MLPs anymore. I'm sure that there's some other ponies if not MLPs. And at the next week I'll get one new pony, Snowflake. :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

First ones of my collection

Today a mailman brought me a very nice surprise. My first two MLPs arrived today! 4-Speed and Sugarberry. Both of are quite good condition, though 4-speed has couple of small suspicious looking brown spots.. Which is quite common with Big Brother ponies. So I'll boil him just in case, I hope that it'll stop spreading of those molds.

Sugarberry right after she got out of the package. Symbols are in good condition, just a little some spreading in one point and just a little bit detrition, but this lady is very good looking for me on those parts. :) I'll probably give her hair a conditioner treatment because it's quite dry at some points as it's seen in the pics also. On the body is mostly only some surface stains so I hope that washing with detergent is enough.

And here's my 4-Speed. Like I said, he's not as good condition as Sugarberry but I hope I can fix some of his flaws. There's two weird red lines right above the symbol and I don't have yet any idea what that is. They look a little like colored pencil marks? There's also some black dots.

Close-up pic. His symbols though are in very good condition, only detrition is seen in this pic, another one is flawless.

There's that evil brown spot.

And next two poor ponies which I saved from a big outdoor flea-market. Dirt covered Pony Bride and Lemon Drop.

Somebody must have loved this pony very much! :D She was completely covered with surface stains, she looked more like grey than white. She also had nice new make-up around mouth and inside both ears. I was very surprised that her hairs were not cutted and those were actually in pretty good condition. Only one bigger knot on her mane.

And here's Lemon Drop. I have to say that Lemon Drop was one of my childhoods fave ponies. :D (I should find that childhood Lemon Drop of mine and see how's her conditon today..) This ponys only big and nasty flaw is that there's blue pen mark right over one of the drops. I don't know how I should try to remove it without damaging the symbol. She also has some tail-rust.

I also started the cleaning of these two ponies today. This was my first time ever cleaning MLPs, so just in case that something goes badly wrong I used these as my... "guinea pigs" :D

Here's Pony Bride after cleaning treatment. After I just have washed her with detergent (Fairy) the difference was clear. The hardest stains (like pencil marks etc.) I removed carefully with nail polish remover. The metal parts of the tail were perfect, no single sights of the rust. Her mane got conditioner treatment.

See the difference? :D

Pink marker is so stuck that it only whitened a little.

Lemon Drop also got cleaned. I removed old rusty metal parts of the tail and replaced them. I got the rust off of the hairs with whitening toothpaste.

Now there two girls are waiting for drying and tomorrow I'll put their tails and heads back on. And tomorrow I'll probably start cleaning of 4-speed and Sugarberry.
And maybe word of this collecting hobby, too. So, I'm mainly collecting G1-ponies and my goal is not to collect every single My Little Pony. I'm collecting those which I wound pretty and interesting, so I think that don't have any "goal" and I don't (yet) have any certain ponies on my mind which I want. :)